Lang Lang Goldberg-Variationen BWV 988 (Studio-Aufnahme)

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2 CDs Artist: Lang Lang (Klavier) Label: DGG , DDD, 2020 Release... mehr
Produktinformationen »Lang Lang Goldberg-Variationen BWV 988 (Studio-Aufnahme)«

2 CDs
Lang Lang (Klavier)
DGG, DDD, 2020
Release date: 4.9.2020

»To record the Goldberg Variations was a life dream. I have been working on the work for more than 20 years, playing it as a 17-year-old Christoph Eschenbach and a few years later Nikolaus Harnoncourt. At that time I played on Harnoncourt's private harpsichord, including the Variations 13 and 25 and the Aria. We talked about the loneliness of being a musician and about musical mood. He said: »You play very beautifully, but it doesn't sound lonely enough. You don't rest enough in yourself.« He played a couple of passages to me - and it opened up a whole new dimension and access to Bach.« (Lang Lang to his recording)

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