Christoph Wolff: Bach's Musical Universe

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  • Norton & Company
Throughout his life, renowned and prolific composer Johann Sebastian Bach articulated his views... mehr
Produktinformationen »Christoph Wolff: Bach's Musical Universe«

Throughout his life, renowned and prolific composer Johann Sebastian Bach articulated his views as a composer in purely musical terms; he was notoriously reluctant to write about his life and work. Instead, he methodically organized certain pieces into carefully designed collections. 
Unlike any study undertaken before, this book details Bachs creative process across the various instrumental and vocal genres. This array of compositions illustrates the depth and variety at the essence of the composers musical art, as well as his unique approach to composition as a process of imaginative research into the innate potential of his chosen material. 

Tracing Bachs evolution as a composer, Wolff compellingly illuminates the ideals and legacy of this giant of classical music in a new, refreshing light for everyone, from the amateur to the virtuoso.

Norton & Company (2020)

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